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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

successful presentation ;p

Ni la aktiviti yg ktorg tggu2 dri semalam . HAHA .
Mse mule msuk tuh , ade gk la rse nervous yg agk melampaui batas . hihikk .
Tp lepas tgk sowang2 present kt dpn tuh dgn muke yg slumber je , rse nervous tuh mkin kurg . Bile da smpai turn aku nk present lak , alhamdulillah sume berjalan dgn lancar ;p
dak2 sume xbyk soalan laa . Seb bek artwork aku tu jelas bile tgk dri jauh .
Encik taufik x tnye pape pn , except die kate , cmni ,
"ermmmmm . bagus . bagus . oke . oke . oke ." (sambil angguk2 kepala die) HIKHIKHIK .
Tapi bile nk cter psl spongebob tuh , aku dpt rse suara aku gigil2 . HEHEH .
Member2 sume xpasan kot .
Tp anyway , aku n kwn2 sume mmg berpuas hati
la dgn ape yg ktorg sume da wat .


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