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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aku & DSLR...

salam..hmm ari ni aku nk share sket psl DSLR camera..smlm aku explore abes2 kat pakcik gugel,,aku search DSLR..pastu aku jumpe website gak la aku explore website tuh..mcm2 aku jumpe..aku explore pn sbb next sem aku nk kne ade DSLR nih..ade dlm silibus subjek aku nnti..risau gk klau aku tersalah beli ke..hmm kt website tu kate,,1st skali kite kene tau tujuan kite nk pkai DSLR..mmg la kan,,klau xtau tujuan,ssh ade choices yg org tu bagi suh pilih awal2,,nnti snang la nk pilih yg sesuai..

Discover Your Inner Photographer

Let's start with a self-assessment.This one won't help you quit smoking or discover your true calling in life, but it should help you pick out the best digital SLR camera for you.

The question you have to ask yourself is: What do I love to photograph?

Think of this exercise as finding your photographic sign. Once you know your sign, it will be easier for you to find a digital SLR you're compatible with.

In the next section, I'm going to list of a variety of photographic styles. See if one of them appeals to you more than the others.

1) Portraits

Faces are fascinating to you. When you go on vacation you are more inclined to take photos of the locals than the scenery. There is something about the human face and the expressiveness of the eyes that is captivating.

kazisha kate : yg ni utk org2 yg ske amik gmba muke org..ske tgk ekspresi muke org..utk wartawan sesuai la kot yg ni..huhu..

2) Landscapes

Landscape photographers are somewhat opposite to portrait photographers. While the portrait person likes to interact with people, the landscaper is more at home in the beauty of nature without another single person for miles.

kazisha kate : haa yg ni aku ske nih..amik gmba alam sekitar..mcm gmba laut ke,,hutan ke,,sungai,,hmm menarikkkk :)

3) Night/Low Light

You enjoy prowling around in the dark or are fascinated by the way night-time can change a city. That, or you really enjoy taking photos inside dim galleries and museums.

kazisha kate : ni plak utk org2 yg ske keluar mlm smbil angkut kamera merata2..hihi ni klau ade niat nk overnite ngn geng gile2 aku lagi nnti,sesuai laa..hehe

4) Travel/Outdoor

You want your camera to go EVERYWHERE with you. Whether it's hiking, biking, or jumping out of an airplane, the best digital SLR camera for you will be small and light.

kazisha kate : yg ni mmg sgt sesuai utk org yg suke sgt aktiviti2 luar yg lasak..

5) Indoor

You are most inclined to pull out a camera when your small child is reaching for his favorite toy. You take photos of birthday parties, dinners, and other events that occur inside a house.

kazisha kate : ni kalau kt dlm umah,,ade je scene yg best,,msti nk capture..

6 ) Spontaneous

You want to be able to react on a moment's notice, and know that speed is essential to capturing the photo of a lifetime. You have a habit of waiting until the last moment to bring out the camera.

kazisha kate : yg ni utk org2 yg sukekan bnda2 spontan & x jugak nih..

7) Planned/Studio

No photo you take is without some form of preparation. Whether it's a child's portrait or a still life of your favorite flower, you like to get everything set up so that the light, color and mood are just right.

kazisha kate : yg ni kalau nk amik gmba model ke,,org kawin ke..

haa,,aku da pilih da..aku pilih landscape,,night/low night ngn spontaneous..huhu ni pilih ikut suke aku je..aku mane tau pape pn..hihi..

ni ade penerangan sket :

  1. Image stabilization
  2. Live view LCD
  3. Color control (especially flesh tones)
  1. Image stabilization
  2. Extended dynamic range
  3. Dust control
  4. Color control (especially earth tone s)

Night/Low Light
  1. Image stabilization
  2. Low noise at high ISO settings
  3. Image noise reduction for slow shutter speeds
  4. Remote shutter release
  1. Image stabilization
  2. Small size and low weight
  3. Extended dynamic range
  1. Image stabilization
  2. Low noise at high ISO settings
  3. Lots of external flash options
  1. Fast multi-point autofocus
  1. Live view LCD
  2. Compatible with lighting accessories

hmm ade mcm2 brand DSLR yg ade kt pasaran..ade brand NIKON, SONY, OLYMPUS, dak2 course aku yg da beli tuh,,kebanyakannye beli brand NIKON..

kt bawah nih ade la sket contoh2 NIKON yg ade :




w0ahhh panjang btul entry nih..da mcm iklan DSLR pn ade gk..ahahah..k la..aku nk siap2,,jap ag angah balik,nk follow g umah bakal mak mertua die jap..



chenta said...

berguna gak panduan ni..teringin nak ada DSLR bile pkr2 blk, sy bkn selalu guna pun..hehehe

cLiQue_kAziShA said...

@ chenta : hehe sy kne beli pn sbb ade dlm silibus subjek..seb bek ade minat photografi jugak :)

Shuk said...

menarik panduan nih..tapi tak mampu lagi nak beli camera mahal2..huhu~

oppa said...

beli jgn x beli!!!hahahaah

Manja (let it be my sweet name) said...

teringin nk beli tapi fulus nyer enggak ade huhu. maybe next time